Prophetic Words


I sensed the Spirit of the Lord saying to you two and to this church; I have called you to be a people to tear down walls, for the Lord said that many will erect walls, but I am calling you in this hour to be one to pull down walls. For the Lord says that you will pull down religious walls that have tended to separate, for the Lord says that I am going to give you such an authority over these religious spirits that try to keep a people in an old place and keep them in bondage; and God says that you’re going to tear down racial walls, God says I’m going to bring My people together, I say it’s going to look different says the Lord than it has in the past, I’m going to pull down every wall that separates. Don’t be surprised when you start pulling down physical walls. For I say not only will you start pulling down walls in the spirit, but I say that even in the natural that you’re going to take some walls down to be able to accommodate that which I am doing in this season. The Lord said many will not understand and God says I never called you to put walls up, but to take them down. The Lord says this is the season of enlargement, this is the season of increase that I am bringing to you; so the Lord says “get ready” as you begin to see wall after wall after wall begin to fall. God says this is the season that I’m going to put new connections in your life says the Lord, that’s going to be able to shift you into the new place. For the Lord says, you’ve been willing to plow the ground, you’ve been willing to toil and plow the ground, but God said even the seeds that you have planted in this last season, God says now they’re beginning to break forth and you’re going to see the fruit of your labor, for God says to tell you that your labor has not been in vain.

The Lord says that I have called this house to be a house of war, I have put a warring spirit on this house, and I say that I’m putting weapons of war in your hand. The Lord says that I am mobilizing an army says the Lord. The Lord says, know that you’re not insignificant in My sight, for have I not always looked for the unknown, have I not always looked for the least likely, and I say I have found a people says God, who understand My call and I say I am calling you to war, for this is a season of war, this is not the season to sit back says the Lord, but I am putting you on alert even in this hour for I must have a city that is mobilized for war, says the Lord. I say that I am coming once again, I say that the warfare of the past will not work for this season, for you are in a different kind of war, I say that I am going to show you how to find your weapons says the Lord for the new season of war you’re in. You know even yesterday I turned on the news for just a bit and they were showing this manufacturing company and they were making uniforms for the military, and they said we have to make different kinds of uniforms for today, this camouflage that they’re doing, they said it’s not like it was in the past, it’s a whole different pattern, it breathes in a different way, because they said that the warfare that we’re in now, we have to have different uniforms. And I hear the Lord saying, and I’m going to clothe you in a different way in this season, the Lord says that I’m going to give you uniforms of war says the Lord, not like you have worn in the past season, I say that I am taking off the old garments says the Lord, for wearing those garments you will be vulnerable to the enemy. But I say this, that I am bringing in this hour says God, the Lord says that I’m going to clothe you in such a way that the enemy will not be able to see you so that you can be effective in this that I have called you to do. I say that I am breaking the power of fear off my people that would cause them to back up, that would cause them to sit down and say that I cannot get involved in war, otherwise I will be a casualty of war. I say I am breaking that mindset off My people. I am preparing a people for a new war for a new season. I’m going to clothe you in a whole different way.


As we sit on the cusp of catastrophic times, says the Lord, you will see a shaking in the nation and the nations. You will see a shaking in the church, a catastrophic shaking, and in these times of catastrophe there will be times of great decision on which way to follow Me; and that is the greatest catastrophe of all. You will go to the left or you will go to the right. You’ll make cognitive decisions about your faith. Oh, you’ll say that, I am a Christian, but you’ll release yourself from the faith or you will press into the faith. You’ll see a catastrophe in the heavens that will break things open where you will experience My signs, wonders miracles, but you’ll also see the same catastrophe in the heavenlies where you’ll see My people release themselves from me and behave strangely. As I was ordering My peoples footsteps on the mountain My people behaved strangely while Moses My leader was on the mountain and they went onto offer up strange fire, but the Lord says, as you stay in the camp with your heart pressed towards Him, towards the Word, towards His very presence, you will see a catastrophe in the heavens where you’ll have the very breakthroughs you desire, the very breakthrough that you need. Yet don’t take this lightly, this is a serious press, says the Lord God. Your ear must be to My heart as John’s was. Your ear must be hearing the heartbeat of God not the heartbeat of man. Rise up in faith, rise up in strength, because there is a day, says the Lord, and it’s upon us where they will say, Lord, Lord, look what in have done for You and I’ll say, depart from me I never knew you. But you stand strong in the faith in this day of catastrophic things in this nation, around the world, natural and otherwise you will see, you will see, says the Lord your God. The weapons of our warfare are not carnal but they are mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds. We can’t look at our own abilities; we can’t look to our own carnal nature, our own humanity. As things come on the earth, shattering horrible things, the only place we can look to is the hand of God and you can’t look to the hand of God if you don’t walk with God. You can’t look to your own carnal abilities and your own carnal natural abilities, but you have to remain with eyes on the Lord and His weapons are mighty and will see you through every battle and He will fight for you. Amen.


I’m seeing flames of fire and I see the Lord causing you to be draped and mantled in this season as fire says the Lord. And I hear the Lord say even as floods have come through this place, and there has been a flood of water says the Lord, so am I bringing forth a flood of My spirit says the Lord. And I hear the Lord saying that instead of the waves, even that, which has been water says the Lord, I am bringing forth waves of fire and you will go forth in this season says the Lord, even throughout the streets of this city and throughout the streets of this region. And you will be flames of fire says the Lord, and the fire will catch in other places says God, and I will cause you to arise in new ways and I am causing you to arise even now says the Lord. And because of your intercession and because of your heart towards Me says the Lord, and because you have labored in this vineyard says the Lord, and even labored in places where I have sent you, and you have humbled yourself and fed those which needed to be fed even of the natural things, and you have fed them of spiritual things says the Lord. Now I am raising you into a new place says the Lord and you will see that my glory has been ignited on the inside of you, and those that hear Me says the Lord, even in this time and in this season, I’m bring you to a place of elevation and a place of promotion says the Lord, and I have promoted you from the pew says the Lord, and I have promoted you to the realm of the Spirit says God, and even My Spirit will rise in you, and you will be that flame of fire that will bring forth the economy which needs to be brought forth even in this region. For I have settled you says the Lord in the realm of the Spirit, and I have settled you in places of heavenly dimensions that have caused you to know that there is a region that there is a region that needs to be saved, and there is a region that needs to know kingdom principles, for I have instilled them within you says the Lord and now I am calling you and I’m saying rise in a new way says the Spirit of the living God.

I want to say something and I don’t want you to take this lightly, because I know many times that you will hear, people are coming, people are coming, people are coming; but I’m hearing the Lord say this out loud right now in My Spirit, He said that you need to enlarge the place of your tent, He said, I’m about to break forth on the right and on the left. I’m about to bring forth even that which is spiritual, rather than that which is natural. I hear it out of Isaiah 54 where He said, “Sing O barren woman, thou which didst not bear, more will be than the married wife.” And I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying, that I’m about to break forth in this place. And hear the Lord saying, go deeper, go deeper, go deeper; for even as you go deeper says the Spirit of the Lord, you will see that this will be a place of birthing of revival. It’s almost like I see the Lord bringing people in here and you’re going to pour into them the deeper things of God, and they’re going to begin to break forth on the right and on the left, and they will not all pack into this place, but they will be those that you will disperse into the region says the Lord. And the Lord says even the teaching and training anointing that He has placed upon you, the Lord says that He’s going to use that strategically in this hour that you will be able to groom those that you will be able to freely release and let go. For the Lord says that you’re not one to hold onto that which He has given you to nurture and to train and to raise up. The Lord says that He’s brought you into a new season, and He said because of the new season that He’s brought you into, He said you’re ready to release, He said you’re ready to apostle, you’re ready to “apostolos”, you’re ready to send out, you’re ready to birth, you’re ready to bring forth. So I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying, even that one that I have brought to you and have joined to your side, the Lord says this one will be able to bring forth and birth because of the intercession, because of the mantle that has been laid upon her life. And the Lord says, the prophetic anointing is going to rise in you in a new way. And the Lord said that even what you had said that you thought was unpopular in seasons past, the Lord said that He’s about to make you even more unpopular. He said that He’s about to say some things through you, that there will those who will not want to hear, because they will not be ready to move into the deeper things of God. but I hear the Lord say, go deep, go deep, go deep; for what He’s about to build has to have a deeper foundational setting for that which He desires to bring up in this season says the Spirit of the Lord.





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