About Us

Trinity Pastors:

Pastor Chuck married Joanne in 1976.  They have a daughter and son, Tess and Charlie, a son in law Brandon, and a beautiful grandson, Carson.  They enjoy the fact that God has called them to Pearland, a place they never thought they would be. They live to be in God’s grace and His calling.


Pastor Chuck and Joanne started serving the Lord’s church in the late 70’s. After moving to Texas and through much prayer intercession and consulting the Lord, they felt lead to Pearland.  Always operating in the prophetic gifting, they received an apostolic leadership to begin a church in Pearland.

To open that type of ministry, intercession and various kinds of warfare for the city and praying that all types of barriers would be opened in and around Pearland, they began involving themselves in the community while God assembled a strong staff around them.  They officially began in 1992.

According to Ephesians, the church was founded, by the apostles and the prophets with them and gathering with them.  Others have come in and confirmed that calling, with the undergirding and strengthing of it.  They believe that the local church has to have the fivefold ministry as Christ commanded, according to Ephesians 4 – apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers.


Pastors Chuck and Joanne have been commissioned by Glory of Zion International in Denton, TX and know that it is necessary to stay in alignment with the Apostolic and Prophetic. Trinity Church is also a Church of Zion.


Trinity’s sermons are fresh from the Holy Spirit. Pastor Chuck spends many hours in prayer and diligent study before the Lord, seeking fresh manna to bring forth to the people, finding the Word that will bring the anointing and will bring forth edification, exhortation, and comfort to the hearers.  He seeks a freshness that will help sustain them throughout the week and encourages them to seek the Lord for themselves, to sit at His feet, and find that one thing needed, His Holy Presence.

If you are longing to experience the tangible presence of God we would like to invite you to come and see us.

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